October 2017

Producing videos with author Robert G. Williscroft--interviews about writing, Slingshot, The Starchild Compact, and a sneak-peek at the coming sequel The Iapetus a bonus interview all about audiobooks! You can check them out on the Media page.

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September 2017:

On Saturday, Septebmer 30th I will be performing a library reading from 1:00-3:00 PM at the Saint Petersburg North Library branch - learn more about audiobooks and audiobook narrators!

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August 2017:

Recording a demo for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with David H. Lawrence XVII - exciting, a bit nerve-wracking, and fun!

I just got my first IVR gig! An outbound recording for a staffing company. Really easy to do thanks to my training at

Recording demos for documentary narration, working in tandem with the Tampa Bay Community Network at

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July 2017:

The Limey & the Yank Podcast is now live! Rock talk and the great debate: from the UK to the USA, who really knows how to rock?

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June 2017:

Coming June 30th! My very first Podcast: a nostalgia chat about classic rock & roll, from the UK to the USA. My partner Steve Atkins is the living encyclopedia of Brit Rock & Roll. Our show is The Limey & the Yank live on June 30th!

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May 2017:

Audiobook auditioning! Here's one of my favorite audition recordings, for a book called The Blue Spong & the Flight from Mediocrity: at Soundcloud

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April 2017:

Training time! Professional member of I've been building my skills on documentaries, training films, IVR, animation and more.

I'm also working on my very first Podcast - more details to come!

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March 2017:

The Starchild Compact is out! Available now from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes (iBooks)

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February 2017:

Currently taking training at - thrilled!

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January 2017:

Slingshot is live! Available for purchase from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes