August 2018

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now Featured Talent at Check out my profile at

July 2018

The trailer for Rust: A Novel by Corbin Bernsen is out - and it uses footage from the Netflix original movie!

Work on the audiobook for The Iapetus Federation has begun! This sequel to Slingshot and The Starchild Compact will be coming soon to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

June 2018

I'm an official member of Voice123: check out my talent profile at

May 2018

I'm working on the audiobook for a novel that was also a Netflix Original Movie, now available on Amazon Video! Rust: the Novel by Corbin Bernsen will be an audiobook narrated by yours truly, coming to Amazon/Audible in June!

My podcast has a sponsor! The Limey & the Yank is a rock-talk podcast that tackles the great debate: from the UK to the USA, who really knows how to rock?

More details as the agreement gets hammered out...

April 2018

Ransom in Rio (Passport to Romance) by Theresa Lynn Hall is now an audiobook! You can pick it up on Amazon or directly from Audible

I've also got an exciting new project coming up in audiobooks very soon!

March 2018

Christmas 'Couragement by LoRee Peery is now an audiobook! You can pick it up on Amazon or Directly from Audible

I've also just started work on Ransom in Rio by Theresa Lynn Hall and White Rose Publishing. Tremendous fun!

I'm now an official member of - you can check out my profile at

February 2018

First Noelle is now an audiobook! You can pick it up on Amazon or directly from Audible

I've also just started work on the audiobook for Christmas Couragement by LoRee Peery and White Rose Publishing. Exciting!

January 2018

Pleased to be working with Pelican Books Press on the audiobook for First Noelle: a Second-Chance Christmas Romance by Delia Latham

December 2017

In addition to completing 37 training courses at VO2GoGo and 2 at other places, I'm also pleased to announce that I am officially a affiliate

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November 2017

A year of professional training at VO2GoGo is almost complete! I'm excited to be in some of the deeper-dive classes as I enter the home stretch. 2018 will be my "year of doing", where I try a bit of everything and see what works best!

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October 2017

Produced videos with author Robert G. Williscroft--interviews about writing, Slingshot, The Starchild Compact, and a sneak-peek at the coming sequel The Iapetus a bonus interview all about audiobooks! You can check them out on the Media page.

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September 2017:

On Saturday, Septebmer 30th I will be performing a library reading from 1:00-3:00 PM at the Saint Petersburg North Library branch - learn more about audiobooks and audiobook narrators!

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August 2017:

Recording a demo for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with David H. Lawrence XVII - exciting, a bit nerve-wracking, and fun!

I just got my first IVR gig! An outbound recording for a staffing company. Really easy to do thanks to my training at

Recording demos for documentary narration, working in tandem with the Tampa Bay Community Network at

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July 2017:

The Limey & the Yank Podcast is now live! Rock talk and the great debate: from the UK to the USA, who really knows how to rock?

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June 2017:

Coming June 30th! My very first Podcast: a nostalgia chat about classic rock & roll, from the UK to the USA. My partner Steve Atkins is the living encyclopedia of Brit Rock & Roll. Our show is The Limey & the Yank live on June 30th!

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I also attended the course CameraReadyU, all about technique and technical details for performing on-camera work. This class was hosted by VO Peeps

May 2017:

Audiobook auditioning! Here's one of my favorite audition recordings, for a book called The Blue Spong & the Flight from Mediocrity: at Soundcloud

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April 2017:

Training time! Professional member of I've been building my skills on documentaries, training films, IVR, animation and more.

I'm also working on my very first Podcast - more details to come!

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I'm also a participant in Dan O'Day's Aikido Self Promotion for Audiobook Narrators, a highly focused class about building your brand.

March 2017:

The Starchild Compact is out! Available now from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes (iBooks)

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February 2017:

Currently taking training at - thrilled!

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January 2017:

Slingshot is live! Available for purchase from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes