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Audiobook Bundles: Workflow ideas for converting individual series volumes into a bundle

Audiobook Tips for Podcasters - based on my presentations as a guest speaker at PodFest 2020, PodFest Global, and the 2021 PodFest Summit


Descriptive Audio - Children's Audiobooks

I Wish You Happiness, by Michael Wong and Ann Baratashvili

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Loose Balloons, by Jill Clark

Special promotional video: Frog & Toad, Young and Old


Military Adventure

Operation Arctic Sting, by Robert G. Williscroft (Mac McDowell Series, volume 3)

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My interview with Benjamin Smith, author of June Cleaver: Sexual Deviant (YouTube)

How to make an audiobook trailer using Windows Movie Maker

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Interviews with Robert Williscroft

On his books and writing:

About Slingshot and the Starchild series:

About The Starchild Compact, The Iapetus Federation, and more:

Audiobook Reviewer: interviewed me! Read here

The Starchild Compact:

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Author Robert G. Williscroft has had a fascinating life. Find out more about his adventurous self at his website and listen to this interview with Dr. Joyce Knudsen

Simon Barrett interviews author Robert G. Williscroft in this Podcast link interviews:

Author Robert G. Williscroft

Narrator Trenton Bennett


Promotional trailer for Slingshot (YouTube):


Orbitial Slingshot: what is a Launch Loop? Check out this article at Wikipedia

How does the gravity of a launch loop work? Check out this Wikipedia entry on Gravity Assist

120 years of Kahnawake ingenuity and courage. Read the article Mohawk Workers - Walking High Steel at NPR

Amazing photos of America's High-Iron Mohawk workers at the website of photographer David Grant Noble


Promotional trailer for Bridgebreaker (YouTube):


Check out author Joshua C. Cook at his website

"Ask the Author" about the Bridgefinders series at Goodreads

Get to know the characters of the Bridgefinders series at the author's character profile page

Bridgebreaker Q & A with Joshua C Cook at Butterfly-o-Meter