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Trenton Bennett is a Voice Artist with experience in theater, voice acting, and audiobook narration. He is a graduate of and mentor to the ACX Master Class and professional talent at VO Heroes.


Trenton Bennett has a home recording studio built in consultation with George "The Tech" Whittam and is also available for on-location work.


A detail-oriented individual, Trenton will work with you to set a schedule...and stick to it.

"I enjoyed your take on the characters so much, and it really did bring a lot to life for the first time...it got me really excited about writing comedy again, and now I'm writing another comedy. Thank you very much!"

-- Benjamin R. Smith, Author

"Trenton Bennett is a gem of a narrator--talented, professional, organized, reliable, and he goes above and beyond to help make the project a success. Pelican Book Group is blessed to have Trenton give voice to multiple audiobooks. If you're looking for a great narrator, I highly recommend Trenton Bennett."

Nicola Martinez, Pelican Book Group

"I just finished listening to audio book Call to Love by Mary A. Felkins and wow!!! It was narrated by Trenton Bennett and his voice was dreamy. It was so soothing listening to him tell the story of Tracy and Tom. "

Shannon, GoodReads reviewer

Recent Projects


Loose Balloons

Loose Balloons is a humorous children's book that will encourage laughing and the love of reading whether read by the child or when bonding with a loved one. The comical characters and scenarios will encourage your child's curiosity and sense of wonder.

Added K-5 Lesson Plans presented by the author in public and private schools, libraries, educational centers and art centers. www.jillswriterscafe.com

The video below is a special project: two poems with matching end stories that will be featured in the sequel to Loose Balloons, "Where Do Loose Balloons Go?" coming in 2022

Available now from Amazon and coming soon as an audiobook to Audible and iTunes

Operation: Arctic Sting (Mac McDowell series, volume 3)

As USS Teuthis Saturation Dive Team Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Mac McDowell leads his submarine team laying SOSUS arrays under the Arctic ice, they capture an abandoned fully automated Alfa-class Soviet sub. Piloting their prize through the ice pack to the US East Coast, they must evade or confront other Soviet subs trying to recover the sub — or sink it.

Breathtaking deep-sea clashes erupt, including hand-to-hand combat with Soviet Morskoy Spetsnaz divers under the ice. Too far from Teuthis to escape, the Americans are accosted by a five ton orca. Will Mac’s ship survive long enough to reach friendly waters, or will the men become just another meal for a deadly whale?

Available now from Audible, Amazon and iTunes

Operation: Icebreaker (Mac McDowell series, volume 2)

USS Teuthis Saturation Dive Team Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Mac McDowell is leading his submarine team on a mission to lay SOSUS arrays under the ice in the Arctic when they clash with a new Alfa-class highly automated Soviet submarine. Overwhelmed by mechanical problems, the Soviet crew abandons their sub near Pt. Barrow, Alaska. The Teuthis skipper launches DSRV-1 Mystic, so Mac and his crew can board the empty sub and gather intelligence. The arrival of an even more advanced Soviet sub leads to breathtaking underwater clashes with the specter of war looming.

Will the Soviets sink Mac and his crew to their watery graves, or will Teuthis safely return to Alaska where Mac's new love, Kate, anxiously awaits his return?

Available now from Audible, Amazon and iTunes

Call to Love, by Mary A. Felkins

Tracy Cassidy, a self-reliant ER nurse, has to choose between pursuing her dream job in another city or staying to help support her mother's faltering ministry.... Even if it means falling in love with the kind of man she said she'd never marry.

Tom Delaney, a hyper-vigilant cop and single father to an adolescent son, is happy to keep his wounded heart protected behind his Kevlar. But he can no longer deny his growing love for Tracy. Problem is, she's not looking to be the community's next cop widow. Like her mom.

In order to free his heart to answer God's call to love again, he'll need to dump the years of bitterness he's carried toward his ex and offer her forgiveness. And should the call come to pursue Tracy's heart, will he answer?

Available now from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Rust: the Novel

This is an absorbing fiction adaptation of Corbin Bernsen's film Rust, which featured him in the starring role and director and is currently available for purchase and streaming online at Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other online sites.

In the midst of a crisis of faith, a man finds hope where he least expects it - his hometown.

James Moore is a former pastor who returns home to discover his childhood friend is implicated in the arson of a farmhouse and the murder of an entire family. Convinced of his friend's innocence, James sets out to find the truth. In the process he reclaims a relationship with his father, restores hope to a floundering congregation, and rediscovers his own lost faith. Rust is an uplifting tale about faith, family, and the powerful ties that bind a community.

Available now from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes (iBooks)